News Mix

07/21/2013 17:51
Okay I have some very big news I want to share! But first I want to give you the News Fix!
****News Fix****
As a fellow blogger, I know the hard work and dedication blogging entails. So I love reading and supporting other blogs. So today I am sharing with you guys some of my favorite bloggers. All three of these ladies are true women of God and their blogs are filled with nothing but love and God’s Word. So please check out their blogs and let them encourage, uplift, and inspire you!       
  1. Erica Dunome
        Blog: and
       Follow her on Twitter: @Humbledbygrace3
  1. Lauren DeMoss
       Follow her on Twitter: @laurendemoss
  1. Olawunmi Fajobi
Follow these ladies on Twitter and read their blogs! Also, I have another blog It is a spiritual blog and I give daily devotionals Mon-Fri. So if you are looking for a daily Word to keep you encouraged check out my other blog and these ladies as well! #SpreadTheLove

Okay to the big news!!!!!!! Next month I will be doing the 31 Days of Praying For Your Husband on this site!  As women of God we need to constantly pray for our husbands or future husbands. So everyday next month I will post the daily prayer and scripture. So please don’t miss a single day!
It is so essential that we pray for our spouses so they can be rooted and grounded in Christ. We need strong, godly men to lead us. So this month long prayer is designed to teach us the qualities of a godly husband.  So on August 1 be ready to start praying! I suggest you buy a journal to write down the daily prayer and scripture.
If you are single woman in Christ you look forward to my upcoming blog post “So You Think You Are Ready To Be A Wife”. I will be posting it next Sunday. So many of us single Christian women think we are ready for marriage. But are we truly ready? Are we preparing ourselves in advance or are we just sitting around waiting for our knight and shining amour to find us? The post will be a must read and a self-evaluation for many of us! So stay tuned for that!
Alright loves, check out the blogs I recommend and get ready to join me next month in 31 Days of Praying For Your Husband! I love you all! Stay blessed and keep me in your prayers as I will do the same!