Music Mix

02/02/2013 13:50
Alright, there is so much new music I want to share with you guys! Where do I begin!!!!So here are my recent music picks.
Bruno Mars-Unorthodox Jukebox

I love, love, love this album! I have always been a fan of Bruno Mars but this album made me just fall in love with him. Man, for all you who don’t think there is good music out there…then you are dead wrong. This man’s music will make you come alive.

Some here are my top three favorites:

  • Locked out of Heaven-Of course I love this upbeat tempo! It was his first single off the album and for good reasons. It is just that sing-along song that will have you singing…. “Oh yeah yeah yeah.” Just go listen….tell me you don’t love it!
  • Treasure-this is another upbeat tempo song and he sings about his woman being his treasure. It’s another groove track.
  • Moonshine-This song is my absolute favorite on the album. This song has that retro Prince sound and makes me just think about falling in love….the lyrics say “Moonshine…take us to the stars tonight…Take us to that special place…That place we went the last time, the last time.” Every time I listen to it…it just takes my mind back to that special place!

Ok those are my top three! I love the whole album but those are my favorites!

Simply Tweet-Tweet

Ok, how many of you remember Tweet’s debut album “Southern Hummingbird”? To this day it is still one my favorite albums. Well this new album really isn’t an album at all but an EP. It only has four tracks but it is just sample of some of her newest songs that will be featured on her third album coming out later this Spring. I just love Tweet soft, smooth voice. She sings so beautifully over these ballads.
So here are my favorites:
  • Enough-This is her latest single and it slow ballad about having “Enough” in a relationship! Ladies if you currently moving on from your Ex, this song is for you!!!
  • Daydreaming-this song is a remake of Aretha’s Franklin’s classic and Tweet definitely does it justice and puts her on little twist. The slow melody might have you “Tweeting about it”!

This album is one of those albums you listen to when you are laying in your bed. When you just want to unwind and have some alone time! A must listen too!!!

Emeli Sande-Our Version of Events
Let tell me you this young woman’s voice is amazing.  And the lyrical content on this album is just deep! I love this album! Emeli is from the UK, so her singing style puts you in the mind of Adele.This album is flawless and rarely do I use this word when describing an album. So I suggest you just listen.
My favorite tracks:
  • My Kind of Love-I heard this song in a promo video of the TV show Scandal and immediately fell in love with it. The song describes that soul mate kind of love. The lyrics say “But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.” How deep is that
  • Where I sleep-I love this jazzy little track. It is about her declaring her love to her lover. It is very short song but it keeps you intrigued from the beginning to the end.
  • Maybe-This song is for you lovers who can’t decide if you want to reconcile the relationship or just move on. We all have been at the point haven’t we!
Ok an amazing album from beginning to end…COP THAT!
Raheem Devaughn “Love Connection”

Raheem Devaughn is that dude! Now if you are not a fan of Raheem and you call yourself an R&B soul lover then you need to denounce that title! His voice reminds of Marvin Gaye. Ok, I can go on and on about him but let’s just get to his latest single.Love Connection is Raheem latest single and the first single off his upcoming album coming out later Spring. Ok this song is about Raheem singing to his new love interest and vowing to her she aint never had a love connection like this!The track is cool, not one of his bests but Raheem’s albums never disappoint!
Justin Timberlake-20/20 Experience

“ I be on my Suit and Tie….” You can’t tell me you aint feel that song and if you do then guess what -kick rocks! Just Kidding! But seriously how can you not LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! I MEAN JT!!!!! Like it’s been seven years since he gave us some new music. Seven long years…..ugh….Justin how could you do us this way!
But he is back and from what I have been hearing ready to give us that JT we have been missing. Of course his newest single “Suit &Tie” has been blowing up the radio airwaves! ! His team really knows how to promote an album!!!!!Ok the album comes out March 19!!!! Cop it!!!!!


****Alright you guys listen down below to these songs:

Bruno Mars “Moonshine”

Tweet “Enough”

Emeli Sande “My Kind of Love”

Raheem Devaughn-“Love Connection”

Justin Timberlake “Suit &Tie”

And let me know what you think in the comment section below the videos! Alright enjoy this music mix! Now you got yo fix!!!!!