Justin Timberlake "The 20/20 Experience" album review

03/19/2013 11:28
Are you ready to let Justin Timberlake take you on an experience???? And not just any experience, no JT gives you “The 20/20 Experience”. Can you believe it has been seven years since JT released his last album “FutureSex/LoveSounds”! And what an epic album that was! Now to the question of the hour: is “The 20/20 Experience” worth the wait? Yes, indeed it is! And it is worth your money too!

This new album is once again another masterpiece produced by the one and only Timberland.  With sick beats and crazy arrangements, Timberland comes off a like a mad scientist that has created one hell of an experiment. The beats are truly out of this world but accompanied with JT smooth’s vocals you don’t mind going into outer space for this experience!
With a mixture of traditional R&B, pop, and a little bit of everything in between JT delivers on his promise to bring real music back. And I promise you won’t be disappointed. With only ten tracks the album takes you on a wild rollercoaster of emotions with crazy beats and JT’s melodic vocals! Majority of the songs are over seven minutes but in true JT fashion you know he either slows it down or speeds up the temp halfway through the song. This album is truly an experience!!!!
So let’s get into my review shall we!!! Alright, I am not going to review the entire album… just my favorite songs.

  • Don't Hold The Wall – Man, what can I say about this song other than I love it!!!!  It’s a club banger for sure and I don’t even club but this song definitely makes me want to get up and dance! The production on this track is SICK!!!  With tribal chants and wild vocal samples, you won’t be standing on the wall when you hear this song!  
  • Tunnel Vision – This track’s production is STOOPID! I mean Timberland knows how to produce one wild, crazy song! You will instantly fall in love with it when you hear it. I bet by the time the song is over you won’t be able to stop repeating “I know you like It, I know you like it.” Ha Ha, you gotta listen to the song to know what I am talking about it!!!!!
  •  Spaceship Coupe - To me, this is the only traditional R&B track off the album. It gives you that R. Kelly vibe as he sings to you “We'll make love on the moon”. Yeah, it that’s type of slow jam!!!! His falsetto glides flawlessly over the beat
  •  That Girl - In this song JT takes you back to his Memphis roots. The introduction shouts let me give you some of that old school “Southern love” And it definitely has that old school R&B vibe that is very reminisce to the old Motown days. In the song he makes a bold declaration to the world that he is in love with “That Girl” and doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it because he sings “she’s in love with me.”
  • Let The Groove Get In - This is the STAND OUT TRACK off the album. My favorite track hands down! This song is infectious, addictive, and hypnotic. Even though the lyrics are repetitive you won’t be able to stop listening to this song!!!! I can’t stop, it’s like drug. For seven minutes this song will hypnotize you. You won’t be able to stop repeating “Let The Groove Get In All Night Long.”  By the 5:20 mark, you will lose your mind….This song is just ,oh what can I say, BANANAS!!
  • Blue Ocean Floor –Listening to this song is an experience!!!! It's a weird, crazy experience but by the end you will love it.  It is a very somber ballad but the lyrics are very heartfelt. It truly is a beautiful song.
Aright as you know, it’s hard for any singer to follow-up a highly successful, multi-platinum album but JT might just prove us wrong with this new album. And he might prove us wrong again in Novemeber  when he drops "The 20/20 Experience” Volume 2. Yeah, JT is dropping a part two to this album this Fall!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!  So go cop this album!!!! IT IS A MUST HAVE!!!! Let JT give you that “20/20 Experience.”

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Andrea 04/04/2013
Spot on reviews!! I've been blasting this album non-stop since it dropped. My favorite record (at the moment lol) is probably "Pusher Love Girl" even though "That GIrl" and "Mirrors" are close seconds! :)


Re: Yesssss

Amber B. 05/24/2013
Thanks for reading and I love this album it is amazing!!!!!