Deal With It

04/27/2013 10:32
Some of us are serial runners. What’s a serial runner you ask? A serial runner is a person that runs away every time something bad happens in their life. If they are having a problem in their relationship they run. If they are having problem at their job they quit. Anytime something major happens in their life and they don’t know what to do they run. Instead of standing up to the problem and trying to find a positive solution, they run.
Another characteristic of a serial runner is they are afraid to express their emotions. That is why they stay on the run. When something angers or saddens them and they can’t handle their emotions they disappear. Serial runners don’t try to hash it out or work it out. Instead, they take the easy way out and run.  They never deal with their problems.

While running away might temporarily ease the pain it doesn’t solve the problem. You can run away from the problem if you want too but the problem won’t run away for you. In other words, you will have to deal it eventually. So today I encourage you to stop running away from your problems and deal with them. It’s time for you to face your Goliath. Stop letting fear hold you back from getting healed, delivered, and set free from your problems.
You have let too many good relationships, friends, jobs, and other good opportunities come to ruin because you run away every time things get a little complicated. At the first sight of trouble you run. When people try to talk you about the issue you ignore them. You don’t want to face or deal with the problem. Instead, you let the problem fester and you walk around feeling all hurt, angry, and sad because you haven’t dealt with it. Well the running stops today. Today I want you to take that first step and deal with it!


 Some of us believe into the whole theory “out of sight out of mind” but I am here to tell you today that’s a bunch of a crap. The problem might be out of your physical sight but be honest with yourself it is nowhere out of your mind. The same problem, situation, or issue that you are running away from stays constantly on your mind. It’s funny you can run away from it but it won’t run away from you.
No matter what you do to stop thinking about it you can’t. No matter how far you try to get away from it, it finds you. No matter how much you try to ignore the problem the problem just won’t go away. So guess what? Maybe it is time for you to realize it is never going to go away until you deal with it.

Many of us let our pride hold us back from dealing with our problems. Our pride tells we don’t have to deal with it because it wasn’t our fault anyways. Our pride causes us to play the victim role and want everybody to feel sorry for us. We throw our self pity parties and we talk about the problem constantly with our friends.  We never take responsibility for our role in the problem. Instead, we put all the blame on others.
Another reason why many of us don’t deal with our problems is because of fear. Many of us fear confrontation. Remember serial runners don’t like to express their emotions. Most serial runners emotionally shut down when a problem is thrown in their face. Serial runners hate expressing their emotions or showing vulnerability it makes them think they look weak. So instead of dealing with a problem that involves confrontation they run from it. 
The last reason why most serial runners don’t deal with their problems is because they don’t want to hear the truth. Sometimes our problems can reveal hurtful, embarrassing, or shocking revelations about ourselves that we are not ready to deal with or accept.  For some people it is easier to live a lie then accept the truth.

Many of us would rather live in denial then face the truth about ourselves. Sometimes our problems make us face the shame, guilt, and embarrassment we have been trying to hide or forget. It is like the problem is a light that has beamed down on us and has exposed all of our flaws. So to get the light up off us we run. Well guess what no matter how far you run that light will find you.
So today let’s deal with our problems and quit running. Don’t you ever get tired of running? Don’t you just wish the anger, sadness, and pain would go away. Don’t you just want to move on with your life and not have to worry about if the problem is going to keep coming back? If you want to be set free and then you have to DEAL WITH IT!!!!

So today I encourage you not run to from your problems but run to them. Today I pray that spirit of courage and boldness comes upon and you deal with your issues. Only you know what your problems and issues are and only you can solve them. So today I want you to take the first step and deal with them.
For some of you that might require making some phone calls, sending some texts and emails, or making some visits. But whatever it requires I urge and inspire you to do it. There has to come a time in your life where you stop running and you make a stand. You can’t run from your problems forever.  So today take a stand and stop running. Your days as a serial runner are over! No more running! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

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Great Post

Erica Dunomes 07/25/2013
This is a must read! I love how you classify the "serial runner". I have shared this post to my facebook status. Blessings.