Books, Blogs...All In The Mix, Now Get Your Read Fix!!!

01/09/2013 09:48

If you are an avid reader like I am, then you will enjoy, appreciate, and of course LOVE the books and blogs that I about to recommend you read! I love reading books and blogs that help me spiritually grow and these books and blogs certainly do that!

The first book I recommend is Heather Lindsey’s “Pink Lips and Empty Hearts”. Now I haven’t read the book, but I plan on ordering and reading it soon. The book has been getting a lot of great reviews. I follow Heather Lindsey on Twitter @HeatherLove and I read her blog posts at So I know if the book is anything like her tweets and blog posts it will be great! Can’t wait to get my copy and read it! So ladies, please cop this book! And of course, I will be doing a full book review on it after I read it.Here is a book description I found on

Ok the second book I recommend you get is “Mrs. Right” by Tony Gaskins Jr. Tony Gaskins is world renowned relationship expert, coach, and author who encourages men and women to I am reading this book right now and I absolutely love it. Ladies, if you are working towards becoming a virtuous wife, then you need to purchase, ASAP, and I mean ASAP (L0L).

What I love about this book is it stands out from the other relationship self-help books I have read. Instead of starting straight off about how you can get and keep a man, the books talks about working on yourself before you even think about a man. The first chapter is entitled “Healing before Dealing” and that is really the theme of the first few chapters.
Ladies we really need to heal from our previous relationships and work on ourselves before we get into another relationship. A man can’t make us whole; we should be whole before we get a man. So before I go into a full review, let me stop now! All I am going to say is GO GET THE BOOK-so you can become “Mrs. Right” before your Adam or Boaz comes along. Because the Word says, “A man who finds a wife”….you gotta be a wife before he finds you!

Alright as a fellow blogger, I love reading and supporting other bloggers. We have to support and encourage each other. So I recommend you read these beautiful ladies’ blogs. These ladies blogs will bless your soul! They are very inspiring, encouraging and uplifting!

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Follow these ladies on Twitter and read their blogs! Also, I have another blog as well It is a spiritual blog and I give daily devotionals Mon-Fri. So if you are looking for a daily Word to keep you encouraged check out my other blog and these ladies as well! #SpreadTheLove