Missing You

Erica Dunomes 02/21/2014
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I was missing you. Looking for you to come back real soon, Sis.

Re: Missing You

Amber 06/20/2014
I am officially back sis!!!! I love you so much! Thank you for the support!

Just stopping by!!!

Tamica_Luvs_U 08/04/2013
Omg..osh your blog is amazing sis!!! God is truly using you tremendously. I pray that you prosper in all your endeavors. Keep 'em coming sis as the Lord leads you. To God be the glory!!!<3<3<3

Re: Just stopping by!!!

Amber B. 08/06/2013
To God Be The Glory!!!!! He get's all of it! I am just willing vessel. Thank you sis for the prayers and I will let Him use to He can't use me no more! I love you sis and thanks for stopping by!

Just stopped by...

Erica D. 07/22/2013
Hello and good morning, I wanted to stop by and check out AVESSELOFLOVE and I think its great that you're using your words to touch others. May God continue to bless you and keep up the good work.

Re: Just stopped by...

Amber B. 07/25/2013
Thanks for stopping by Erica! To God Be The Glory!!!! I am must a willing vessel uses to get out His Word! Stop by more often!


Avis Ward 07/19/2013
As the Ambassador of Love, I am grateful to see your expressions of love for God, His human creation, life and His original one of a kind design — you!

I'm blessed to know you and think of you as a daughter, friend and baby sister even. I love your holy boldness and confidence you have in knowing who you are through Christ. I pray for you each day. Let nothing separate you from Him and His love. God has greater things to be manifested in your life, dear Amber.

A lovely, inspirational, eye-catching and spirit soaring blog!

Love you to life!
*hugs with more love*

Re: Love!

Amber B. 07/21/2013
You truly are an Ambassador of Love and a true inspiration to me! Your daily expressions of love and sharing of Christ are what inspired me to become A Vessel Of Love! You have one of the most loving and beautiful spirits I have ever known in my entire life.

Christ's light shines right through you!!! And indeed I am your daughter in Christ and I look up to you greatly! You are a true inspiration for some many in the body of Christ!

I am humbled by all your kind words towards me! And I love God so much and I don't forget you in my prayers either!!!!

I love you,
*hugs with even more love***

Always an Inspiration

Erica Dunomes 07/19/2013
To see women of God, young and old who truly love the Lord. Your post on "True Beauty" is beautiful and very needed. I praise God for you. Blessings!

Feel free to stop by my blog, "Freely I Give" I would love to know that you stopped by. Leave a comment! Thanks

Re: Always an Inspiration

Amber B 07/21/2013
Aww I am truly humbled! To God Be The Glory! I just want my sisters in Christ to know that beauty is not defined by the world's standards but by God! And in His eyes, we are all beautiful!

And I sure will stop by your blog and promote it on Twitter!

I love you sis and thanks for stopping by! I know you will go out and be a #AVesselOfLove yourself!

God bless you!

Keep Shining Bright

Li Lee 02/22/2013

You're dedication, faithfulness, and loyalty to you're blog is absolutely amazing! I truly speak nothing but God's Favor & Greatness over your blog and every area of your life. Love you dearly. Keep Shining Bright! Xoxo

Re: Keep Shining Bright

Amber 02/22/2013
I am so humbled you signed my guestbook! All Glory Belongs to God! My faithfulness and dedication is all for him! And I will keep shining bright! I love you so much!!!


Elbonie 02/15/2013
You are such a blessing in many ways...Your writings-encourage, edify, empower, and so much more! May God continue to give you wisdom and direction as you spread His word!


Re: Amazing!

Amber 02/15/2013
To God Be The Glory!!!! And I mean all of it! God bless you Sis for the encouraging words and the support. It really means a lot to me! I love you so much!

Hey hunny

Ingrid Harden(MsIncredible08) 01/07/2013
I am so proud of you. We haven't crossed paths in a while only because Twitter had become a disturbance for me and another individual. You will be hearing more from me God is doing something pretty darn awesome and I see he is doing the same for you. Keep it up!!! Ttyl

Re: Hey hunny

Amber Bryant 01/09/2013
Awww, well just know you have very missed! And I hope everything is ok with that situation! And I can't wait to hear from you! God is sooo AWESOME!!!!! Love you Sis!

Love it!

Andrea 01/07/2013
I absolutely love the theme of your blog! You're such a bright light in such an uncertain and dark time. Keep letting Him use you! Xo

Re: Love it!

Amber Bryant 01/09/2013
Thank you Andrea! I appreciate the support, encouragement and love! I will keep letting him use and give him all the glory! And you too! I love, love, love your blog! Love you Sis!